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We develop cutting-edge apps that significantly impact people's lives. By transforming real-time challenges into opportunities, we drive growth and success.

Launched 50+ app-based products

13 awards for best digital product

50 million active users

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Our Expertise at Daeken

ArrowUse advanced OpenAI models like GPT-4 and DALL-E2 to build photo and video editing solutions.
ArrowLeveraging AI and ML models and algorithms to build time tracking and management solutions for the enterprise.
ArrowCreating a custom, secured shared planning solution for enterprises, small businesses, and families.
ArrowOur core expertise is to convert a digital product idea into a successful solution.

Top Products Built by Daeken

Teleprompter AppTransform Your Video Creation
Teleprompter App for Video Creation

Turn your smartphone into a teleprompter studio. Enhance your YouTube videos and presentations with ease using our Teleprompter app, featuring AI-guided script scrolling for recording videos from start to finish.

Features of Teleprompter App

  • AI-powered scripting guidance
  • Vertical recording
  • Audio monitoring
  • Multi-take recording
  • Green screen effect
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Teleprompter App for Video Creation
Daeken AppConnect and Organize Your Family
Daeken App: Family Organizer Calendar

Simplify family life with Daeken, your all-in-one family organizer. Our Daeken app provides a shared calendar, grocery lists, memos, and tasks to make family communication and collaboration easy.

Features of the Daeken App

  • Family member management
  • Family calendar
  • Grocery and to-do lists
  • Family moments
  • Reminder and notification
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Daeken App: Family Organizer Calendar
Workday Hours Tracker AppYour Personal Time Organizer
Workday Hours Tracker App

Boost productivity and manage tasks with ease using our Workday Hours Tracker app. An app that simplifies tasks, boosts efficiency, reduces stress, and enables you to efficiently manage time management every day.

Features of the Workday Hours Tracker App

  • Set timers
  • Break management
  • Productivity graphs
  • Personal notes
  • Custom alarms
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Workday Hours Tracker App

Engineering Pioneers: Shaping Tomorrow

Caleb Brooks, Software Engineer at Daeken
We are driven by innovation and a passion for improving lives. Our dedicated team is committed to pushing the boundaries of technology. We don't settle for the ordinary; we strive to create extraordinary solutions that transform the world for the better.
Caleb Brooks
Software Engineer

FAQ About Daeken

We are a tech company that specializes in developing digital solutions to solve real-world problems. Our expertise lies in using artificial intelligence and machine learning to create innovative products.

We offer a diverse portfolio of apps, and two products have gained exceptional recognition. The Teleprompter for Video app is designed for professionals like YouTubers and broadcasters, making video production easier. The Daeken Family Organizer app helps families manage their schedules, grocery lists, and memos in a centralized platform.

Daeken employs cutting-edge technologies, including OpenAI models like GPT-4 and DALL-E2. These advanced AI and ML algorithms enable us to offer unique and effective solutions in photo and video editing, and time management.