About Daeken

Jasmine Patel, a Toronto-based app developer, specializes in creating tech solutions for self-employed solo ventures. Explore her innovative apps now!

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Welcome to my digital realm—a fusion of innovation and intentionality. I'm Jasmine Patel, an app developer based in dynamic Toronto, Canada. Why I name this website Daeken?

Here is the meaning of Daeken

"Da" represents "Data"
"E" stands for "Expertise"
"Ken" represents "Knowledge"

Data-driven Expertise Knowledge

With this Daeken philosophy, I have developed these amazing applications.

Daeken - Family Organizer app for iOS: It's not just about schedules; it's about vibrant connections, color-coded moments, and simpler communication. From shared calendars to grocery lists, memos, and tasks, Daeken reshapes family dynamics.

Daeken - Family Organizer app for iOS

Hours Tracker App for iOS: Dive into efficient time management with precision. It's not just about tracking; it's about owning your moments. Accurate timers, insightful diagrams, and personalized alarms put you in control.

Hours Tracker App for iOS

Teleprompter for Video for iOS: Streamline your video narration process effortlessly with the Teleprompter for Video app. Whether you're a YouTuber, presenter, filmmaker, or business professional, this app empowers you to create compelling videos with polished delivery. With its intuitive features and versatile capabilities, Teleprompter for Video revolutionizes your video production experience.

Teleprompter for Video for iOS

This site is a testament to my commitment to tailored tech solutions. From family cohesion to time mastery, each app represents my unwavering dedication to enhancing your daily life.

Join me on this innovation journey; together, we'll harness technology's potential for a unique digital adventure.