OurHome vs Daeken App: A Detailed Comparison Guide for 2023

Which is better for families: OurHome or Daeken app? We explored features, user interface, device compatibility, and cost to help you decide the best family management tool.

OurHome vs Daeken App: A Detailed Comparison Guide for 2023

Overview of the OurHome vs Daeken App


OurHome app Screens

OurHome is a versatile mobile app that simplifies family management. Developed by Cape Horizon Pty. Ltd., it's available for iPhone and iPad users. The app serves as a centralized platform for assigning chores, tracking rewards, creating grocery lists, and organizing a family calendar. OurHome’s gamified tasks system to engage kids offers a point-based reward system, and syncs real-time updates across multiple devices, all without any hidden costs or ads.

Users find OurHome valuable for its comprehensive approach to family organization. It not only streamlines chore assignments but also aids in financial planning through a reward point-value system. The app's user-friendly interface and seamless cross-device synchronization make it a go-to solution for busy families, aiming to make life more coordinated and harmonious.

Do you have younger kids? The app lets you approve their tasks to keep them on track. And let's not forget the shared grocery lists. You can quickly jot down what you need, and anyone can swipe it off when they are at the store. It is all about making the life of the entire family easy and more organized.


Daeken app screens

Daeken app takes a slightly different approach but aims for the same goal: better family coordination. This app is your one-stop shop for everything family-related. It's got a shared calendar that everyone can see and edit. So, no more missing soccer practice or forgetting Mom's birthday.

But what sets Daeken apart is its memo feature, called "Family Moments." You can write down special memories or notes and share them with everyone. In addition, you can colour-code events and members, making it easier to know who's doing what.

The Daeken app even lets you add family members without an email address, so the little ones aren't left out. And yes, it also has shared grocery items lists and to-do lists, just like OurHome, but with more specific features that make your life easier.

Do you want to learn more about the Daeken app? Here is a complete review of the Daeken family shared calendar app. Get all the information in one place. And learn how and why you should choose the Daekan app for organizing your family.

A Comparison Table of Daeken and OurHome App

Here's a simple table that compares Daeken and OurHome and helps you quickly see what each app offers.




Key Features

  • Shared calendar

  • Grocery lists

  • Memos (moments)

  • Manage and schedule tasks

  • Colour coding

  • Shared calendar

  • Grocery

  • List tasks

  • Chore management

  • Task approval


User-friendly with colour-coded family calendars

Modern and intuitive design


Available on iOS

Available on iOS, Android, and web


Free with optional subscriptions

Pricing details not publicly disclosed

Pricing Details

  • Weekly: $2.99

  • Monthly: $4.99

  • Yearly: $35.99

No additional pricing details were provided


Highly rated at 4.3/5 

Highly rated at 4.1/5


Offers moderate customization options

Offers limited customization options

A Detailed Comparison of Daeken and OurHome App Based on 7 Factors

To help you make an informed choice between Daeken and OurHome, we've broken down the comparison into seven key factors. These include features, user interface, availability, pricing, pros and cons, user experience, and ratings. Let's dive in.

Factor 1: Features


Daeken serves as an all-in-one family organizer, streamlining various aspects of daily life. Its features are designed to keep everyone in the loop, from parents to kids.

  • Shared Calendar: Allows adding or editing family events, complete with set reminders for activities like soccer practice or doctor's appointments.
  • Colour-coding: Enhances the shared calendar by colour-coding events, making it easier to identify individual family members' activities.
  • Grocery List: Features a real-time shared list that updates as family members add items, ensuring you never miss out on essentials.
  • Family Moments: Unique memo section for capturing special family memories or important notes, such as a child's first bike ride or medical advice.


OurHome focuses on making chores and tasks more engaging, especially for younger family members. This app combines task management with a rewards system to motivate everyone. In addition, it is a tool that learns and grows smarter by understanding your family preferences over time.

  • Task Management: Allows assigning chores to family members, complete with a point system that gamifies the process.
  • Rewards System: Points earned from chores can be redeemed for rewards like extra screen time, making tasks more engaging.
  • Shared Grocery List: Integrates with meal planning and chore-tracking, allowing items related to chores to be added directly.
  • Shared Calendar: Focuses more on tracking chores and rewards, lacking the colour-coding feature present in Daeken.

Factor 2: User Interface


Daeken recently updated its UI/UX to enhance user experience. The app's standout feature is its colour-coded calendar, which allows you to view individual or collective family schedules at a glance. This colour-coding system simplifies event tracking, making it easier to manage family commitments.

Overall Daeken's UI is designed for clarity and ease, making family organization a smooth experience. This is the reason Daeken excels in capturing family memories. If you are planning quality time with family, perhaps a reunion, find our 4-step guide on organizing a memorable family reunion.


OurHome offers a modern, intuitive design that's user-friendly for all ages. Its interface is streamlined for easy navigation, whether you are assigning chores or checking the family calendar. The app focuses on simplicity, ensuring that even tech novices can get the hang of it quickly. Overall, OurHome's interface is straightforward and modern, catering to families who want hassle-free management.

In summary, both Daeken and OurHome prioritize user experience in their design. Daeken stands out with its colour-coded calendar, while OurHome impresses with its clean, intuitive layout.

Factor 3: Multi-platform Availability


Daeken is tailored for iOS users, requiring iOS 11.0 or later for optimal functionality. This makes it a go-to choice for Apple aficionados but leaves Android users out in the cold. The app is also compatible with Macs that have an Apple M1 chip or later, offering a bit more flexibility for those who prefer larger screens.


OurHome takes a more inclusive approach, being available on iOS, Android, and even as a web app. This broad availability ensures that no matter your device preference, you can easily manage your family's tasks and events and coordinate everyone’s schedules as per their priorities. It's a one-stop solution for families with mixed device ecosystems.

Both apps offer their unique advantages in terms of availability. Daeken caters exclusively to the iOS user base, while OurHome provides a more flexible approach, accommodating multiple platforms.

Factor 4: Pros and Cons


OurHome is a task management powerhouse, specially designed for families with young children. Its unique task approval feature ensures that chores are done correctly before they're marked as complete. However, the app lacks a dedicated memo or notes section, which means you might need to use another app for capturing memories or jotting down important notes.


Daeken stands out for its "Family Moments" feature, which allows families to capture and share special memories.

Both apps have their unique strengths and weaknesses. OurHome excels in task management and gamification but lacks a memo feature. Daeken offers a more comprehensive suite for family memories with event notifications.  Are you interested to learn about the alternatives to the OurHome app? Check out our guide on the 7 best alternatives to the OurHome app.

Factor 5: User Experience


Daeken's user interface is smooth and easy to navigate. With its recent update, this handy tool has become even more user-friendly. The color-coded calendar is a standout, making it super easy to spot who's doing what. Users often praise the app for its clean design and intuitive layout, which make managing family life easy.


OurHome also scores well on the user experience front. Its clean design and easy-to-use task management system are big hits. However, some users feel it could offer more customization options to make the app truly their own.

In a nutshell, Daeken shines in delivering a seamless user experience, thanks to its intuitive design and thoughtful features like the color-coded calendar. OurHome is also user-friendly but leans more towards task management. For a well-rounded, easy-to-use family management app, Daeken is the way to go.

Factor 6: Pricing


Daeken is transparent about its pricing, offering multiple subscription plans to suit various needs. You can opt for a weekly subscription at $2.99, a monthly plan at $4.99, or a yearly subscription for $35.99. This flexibility allows families to choose a plan that aligns with their budget and needs. The subscription model supports the app's continuous development, ensuring you get the best features and regular updates.


OurHome keeps its pricing details under wraps, which might leave potential users guessing. While the app is generally free to use, the absence of clear pricing information could be a concern for budget-conscious families.

Factor 7: Rating


Daeken has a strong user rating of 4.3 out of 5 on the Apple App Store. This high score reflects the app's reliability and effectiveness in managing family tasks and events. It's a clear indicator that users are satisfied, making Daeken a trustworthy choice as a household management app for organizing family needs.


On the Google Play Store, OurHome holds a rating of 3.1 out of 5. While the app is praised for its chore management and reward system, the rating indicates there's room for improvement. Despite these concerns, the app remains a popular choice for families looking for a gamified approach to task management.

In summary, when it comes to user ratings, Daeken has the upper hand with a higher average score. This could be a decisive factor for potential users comparing the two apps.


Choosing the right shared family calendar app can be a daunting task, given the many options available. However, this detailed comparison between Daeken and OurHome should make your decision easier. While both apps offer advanced features aimed at simplifying family life, Daeken, a handy tool tailored to your needs, stands out for its user-friendly interface, colour-coded calendar, and unique "Family Moments" feature.

This transparent pricing and strong user ratings further strengthen its credibility. On the other hand, OurHome excels in task management and gamification but falls short in areas like memo features and clear pricing. In summary, if you are looking for a well-rounded, reliable, and user-friendly family management app, Daeken is a strong competitor worth considering.